Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stepping in the time machine.

To beat the winter blahs, my place of employment is encouraging themed dress up days. You know the kind, "Ugly sweater day" "Pyjama day" and today's theme, which was "Pre 90's Day". For myself, there was no question...it had to be the Eighties. So to celebrate that fun decade (Come on, it wasn't all that bad) how about a trip back....

It's the Eighties!

1. What was your hair like?
Well, that depends on what year we are talking about. I went through the big hair (i could knock over a brick wall with those bangs baby!) phase, and then the" i think Cyndi Lauper has it right" phase..Yep half a shaved head (with the other half remaining very LONG) with bleached blonde, red, and whatever other colour would stick!

2. What did you *wish* your hair was like? I always wanted naturally curly hair...i think that is why i embraced the "big bangs" thing so much...if i back combed it looked like it was curly.

3. What was the coolest item of clothing you had back in the 80’s that is totally embarrassing now? Only one??? Um......how about the cherished WHAM neon shirt.

4. What was a cool fashion trend that you didn’t understand back then, and still don’t? The folding of the cuffs of our jeans. YOU remember.....pinching back the bottom and folding them so the were tapered? Sometimes we used little safety pins to get them to stay..but folding was an art that most of us girls mastered quickly.

5. What was a fashion trend you *wish* would come back? I think some things are better left behind......(think polyester suits from kindergarten)

6. … or that you were happy to see did come back? I don't think I can think of one....Wait!... How about those cute little canvas white running shoes! (did they ever actually go out of style?)

7. Who was your 80’s fashion icon? For a long while it was Cyndi Lauper ( see the hair question), but then i just kind of did a merge of the whole Madonna/Lauper thing
8. Describe your best (or worst) look for the eighties. How about the half shaved head with bleached blonde hair, black jeans, Kodak boots, black shirt, with the rattiest houndstooth ( you know the black and white plaid) men's trench coat that could be found ( it was my grandfathers, and i wore it EVERY DAY)........
The white men's cotton button down shirt, with a mint green one piece jump suit....PEARLS and those cute little canvas white running shoes.....and BIG CLUNKY EARRINGS.
Yes i ran the gamut with fashion.....
Ok what about you......did you survive the 80's?

Friday, January 20, 2012


I have not posted on the old blog Wilsonworld in a while. As that is a paid site, and money is, as always, tight, it will remain in stasis until I can afford to host it again. This means of course I have had no home, no place to vent. And venting as been a plenty over the last  few months. For those that followed me before, and for those who follow The Husband, you are aware of what we have been up against. For those who don't here is the breakdown....

  • Life sucks.
  • Life tends to get in the way of the things that you have planned.
  • Mental illness is no laughing matter
  • Just because you wish it so, and no matter how hard you wish it to be, sometimes things just don't turn out the way Mr Disney taught us they would.
  • I was taken over by a zombie.
  • Don't laugh at that last point. In 1987 i started having some stomach problems. I just thought it was something I had eaten. Apparently it was, but I was young, and knew I was infallible.
  • This summer, I had some health scares, and during testing it was found my gall bladder was not happy where it was.
  • Due to Keith's medical condition (see point 3) I had to put off surgery until January. Now, as a matter of fact. As of 7 days ago today I am short an organ.
  • I have found that after 22 years with my husband, neither of us know who he really is.
  • I know who I think he is, or who he was, but that person is no longer there.
  • For the last 9 months, my life has been filled with surgeons, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, psychiatric hospitals, social services, branches of gov't that are supposed to be helpful to the citizen who gave them power, as well as still running our home and caring for our children.
  • I have lost people close to me, specifically Ms Doreen, who old readers will know as the surrogate mother who adopted us as her family. She had no one, having lost her husband and both her sister and her brother in law. She had no children and we needed each other. She passed away at Christmas time, unexpectedly-expected. She filled my need of caregiving when Papa passed away, and was one of the last links I had of a generation that I feel more comfortable with.
Ok, so we are all caught up.

I am going to do my best to no censor myself, and allow this space to be a place for me to just "be". Some days, you will get bacon and cats. Somedays you will get a rant on the state of politics, health care or any other topic which pissed me off that day. Somedays, you will get just this.
Words on a page.
It all starts with a white page.
And at the end of the day, the goal is to fill the page with whatever strikes me as important at that particular moment.
That's all there is.
It's what I have
and it is enough.
For now.